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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The First Post...Why We're Here

A lot of music goes unnoticed. Well, I guess it's more apt to say that MOST music goes unnoticed. Lack of press coverage, lack of radio play, lack of good terrestrial radio stations and a seeming lack of commercial viability all contribute to this situation. These are especially true of the genres of non-commercial country, folk, alt-country, americana, alt-rock and texas-music.

There are other sites, blogs and columns out there where people are covering the Texas music scene or the Austin music scene in general but these only begin to scratch the surface of what's out there. We want to throw back the storm-cellar door and wade through all the music that's waiting in the basement to be heard by you.

We're here to talk about those guys and gals who aren't being featured on galleywinter or lonestarmusic, who aren't getting the shows at Kerrville or Old Settlers and who aren't getting the big shows opening for the Old 97s or the Gourds.

We're also here to talk about live recordings. We record shows quite a bit..ranging from artists without record deals (and without actual records), playing for free in the dives of the Hill Country, all the way up to the likes of Robert Earl Keen, Todd Snider and Scott Miller. There's no dearth of live recordings out there available free and clear for everyone to listen to and download. No userid, no password and no decoder ring required. We'll talk about those recordings.

We're still working out how this will work or how often but we'll try to bang something out on a pretty regular basis.

And with that said...onto the first post....

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