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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

James Hyland -- Celestial Navigation [Buy This Now]

I've had James Hyland's Celestial Navigation on my iPhone since before it was released earlier this week but finally found time to give it a listen. I will say that I am glad I didn't let it go any longer and that I love this fucking album. I just started my third listen all the way through.

Hyland, formerly of the South Austin Jug Band, spent a good, long time crafting this record, honing the songs and the sound at places like Momo's, the Saxon Pub and the Mean Eyed Cat over the last two years in front of dozens of people (literally). The resulting record is nothing short of incredible. Cohorts Warren Hood, Willie Pipkin, Kim Deschamps, Robb Kidd, Chris Maresh and Dennis Ludiker lend their tremendous talents to Hyland's vision-brought-to-life very skillfully by producer Steven Doster.

Having seen Hyland live year after year in the various forms of the South Austin Jug Band and solo, I've seen these songs evolve and evolve (Come To Me, 2008.04.01) and I can say with some modicum of authority that the result is nothing short of perfection. The ten tracks on this record flow seamlessly from one to another and yet each is able to stand firmly on its own. There is not a low point on the record. IMO, that speaks to the strength of Hyland's songwriting and collective vision and execution between him and Doster and the players, known here as the Joint Chiefs.

"American Son", "21 Days 21 Towns", "Paint A Girl" and "Girls From Lake Ponchartrain" are my early favorites after three listens.

Please, please, please, do yourself a favor and go download this record from bandcamp:

Hyland is employing the name your-own-price pricing tier which includes FREE. Whatever you can afford, it will be worth your hard earned greenbacks or silver to pick up this record. What the hell are you waiting for? Go. Buy. Download. Listen.

If you're interested, you can find some recent Hyland live performances over at the LMA: [solo, radio show] [Joint Chiefs (band) show]

[FairRetailRecordings] #0114 -- The Gourds -- Chinese Variety Hour


Sorry, 114 and 115 got switched in the order they were mailed out. My bad. Enjoy The Chinese Variety Hour. Really give the lyrics a listen. Pure gold!

Enjoy. And support your local music scene.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[FairRetailRecordings] #0115 -- The Gourds -- Shamrock Bound


Nothing quite like a song about growing a beard for a beard-growing contest on St Patty's Day.

Enjoy. And support your local music scene.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[FairRetailRecordings] #0113 -- Jack Ingram -- Barbie Doll

To say the crowd is out of tune would be a disservice to how out of tune they really are. And you know it's got to be bad because (1) I wasn't singing along [bucket/tune/no carry] and (2) I am commenting on how out of tune things get on here.

At any rate, this is from a very fun Jack Ingram show we attended shortly after moving to Austin, back in the Second Age of Ingram. The First and Third Ages of Ingram pale in comparison to the Second, in my humble opinion. I'm hoping for good things from the Fourth Age of Ingram due out any decade now.

Artist: Jack Ingram
Date: 2005.03.02

Enjoy. And support your local music scene.

Sons Of Bill Live @ Emo's On 2010.08.29 [Live Audio]

We had the good fortune to have the Sons Of Bill drop by Austin and play Emo's this past Sunday made for an unpleasant Monday (thanks to Jack Daniels) but well worth it. The crowd was sort of sparse but definitely were into the band. And the band definitely came to rock and rock they did.

Given our familiarity with only the Sons Of Bill's latest One Town Away, we were thrilled with the new tunes ("This Losing Fight", "Lost Loves And Indie Rockers", "Valley Of The Dead") and the ones from their previous effort, A Far Cry From Freedom ("Far Cry", "Roll On Jordan", "Whispering"). The cover Neil Young's "Unknown Legend" was what put the show over the top for us.

Come back soon, Sons Of Bill. We'll bring more people next time.

You can can download the entire show from the LMA here (or stream it below):