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Friday, June 20, 2008

3 Song Trifecta

I was on my bike on the way home from the gym last night and three consecutive songs came on my iPod that I felt were appropriately placed. All three had a geographic and emotional theme be that theme leaving home, hating a place as an extension of a person or relationship or loving a particular place.

The songs, in order, were:
"Caddo County" by Verlon Thompson (site)
"Leavin' Tennessee" by Cross Canadian Ragweed (site)
"New Braunfels Homesick Blues" by the Gougers (site, myspace)

Just, fyi, none of these songs are official, I guess. "Caddo County" is on Verlon's Live At The Ivey's cd. "Leavin' Tennessee" is on a CCRW recording I got from "New Braunfels Homesick Blues" used to be available their Bootlegs Volume 1 via their snocap but that appears to be inoperable now.

Here are some youtube links for you though.
"Leavin' Tennessee"
"New Braunfels Homesick Blues or "New Braunfels Homesick Blues"

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