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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Roger Alan Wade in the ATX

Roger Alan Wade (site, myspace) played at the Saxon Pub last night. I knew of his connection to the Jackass franchise but I guess I never realized it's at least partially because he's Johnny Knoxville's cousin. Anyway, in attendance last night were a big chunk of my friends from the Stillwater Pioneers, Gunhands, Rattlesnake Deer and Reid Wilson's band as well as Dale Watson and Knoxville himself.

RAW really tore it up last night playing great song after great song and really, dare I say, inspiring the crowd. I was really blown away as that was the first time I'd seen him live. He doesn't tour nearly enough (I know, I's Austin and I'm music-greedy).

After the Saxon, a bunch of us went down to the Broken Spoke to hear Dale Watson (also has a Jackass/Johnny Knoxville) connection and Dale called Roger up to play a couple of songs with him and his Lonestars. They started off with a cover of Billy Joe Shaver's "Just Because You Asked Me To", his own "Reckless Kind" and another of his own whose title escapes me at the moment. It was incredible to see not only his performance of those songs (for the second time that evening) but also to see Dale's band just create the accompaniment for a couple of songs they'd probably never heard before. Wow. The things you can only see in Austin. And Johnny Knoxville was right up front through it all with his video camera rolling (and buying a dozen beers at a time for himself and his friends).

Oh yeah, Roger is still in Austin. He'll be at the Mean Eyed Cat tonight July 3rd. I have a feeling it's going to be a big time so come on out friends and neighbors. The beer'll be cold and tomorrow's a holiday.

Roger Alan Wade's All Likkered Up

Dale Watson's Hollywood Hillbilly

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