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Friday, April 24, 2009

ADDENDUM -- A Baker's Dozen Perfect Records Of The Last Ten Years

Hopy crap. We did that whole list and left off two records BY THE SAME BAND that are both fantastically brilliant (too much hyperbole?) and perfect. The list should have been fifteen records. Our editor will be getting a severe tongue lashing when he returns from happy hour.

Here's the revised list.
1 Adam Carroll -- Live At Cheatham Street Warehouse
2 Scott Miller -- Citation
3 Corb Lund -- Five Dollar Bill
4 Daddy -- At The Women's Club
5 Danny Schmidt -- Little Grey Sheep
6 Fred Eaglesmith -- Balin'
7 Guy Clark -- Cold Dog Soup
8 Mike McClure -- Twelve Pieces
9 Reckless Kelly -- Wicked Twisted Road
10 The Stillwater Pioneers -- Let's Go Pioneering
11 Verlon Thompson -- Everywhere...Yet
12 Brian Keane -- I Ain't Even Lonely
13 Deadstring Brothers -- Starving Winter Report
14 The Victrolas -- Life Like The Movies
15 The Victrolas -- Drop The Needle

**The three records in bold are, as far as we can tell, the debut offerings from these artists.

And if you happen to see the guys from the Victrolas, tell them to drop us a line and get their asses down to Austin. They can stay on the couches in the alt512 office. There's also a kegerator in there.

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