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Monday, October 19, 2009

Charlie Robison Live At Our House

We were fortunate enough to have Charlie Robison play at our house Sunday night. Wow. I was really impressed. He played all the songs that the audience requested despite the requests being somewhat hit-laden in the early going.

Here's the setlist.

01 Barlight
02 John O'Reilly
03 Sunset Boulevard
04 Loving County
05 El Cerrito Place
06 The Wedding Song
07 Photograph
08 Beautiful Day
09 Indianola
10 You're Not The Best
11 Tonight
12 My Brother And Me
13 My Hometown
14 Reconsider Me
15 New Year's Day
16 Mollie's Blues
17 Feelin' Good
18 Big City Blues
19 Rayne Louisiana
20 Rain

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