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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Best Of 2009...Live Shows In and Around ATX

2009 was a weird year. My wife and I joke about how strange (or insert your own adjective here) this year has been. As weird as it was with everything happening, the music in and around Austin was phenomenal.

I know there were more great shows we saw this year (especially SXSW) but here's the immediate list that comes to mind [links to audio of the shows provided where available].

Lew Card's Monday Songwriter Mixers @ The Mean Eyed Cat were a few of my favorites: 2009.04.06, 2009.05.04, 2009.06.01, 2009.11.02
Reid Wilson & His So-Called Friends w/ Earl Poole Ball @ The Mean Eyed Cat 2009.02.26
Corb Lund @ Threadgill's South 2009.09.29
Hayes Carll @
Threadgill's South 2009.05.24
The Devil Makes Three @ Lovejoy's 2009.03.18
Daddy @
Jovita's 2009.03.19
Mark Jungers & Chris Wall @
Patsy's 2009.03.19
AJ Roach, Nels Andrews & Friends @
Flipnotics 2009.06.05
Doug Moreland's Cattlelac's Calf Fry with Ryan Bingham, Corb Lund, Doug Moreland, Jesse Dayton & The Rustlanders 2009.09.26
The Gourds @ Threadgill's South 2009.10.03
Charlie Robison @
Our House Concert 2009.10.18

The Gourds @ Jovita's 2009.12.04 / 2009.12.05
Damon Bramblett @ The Mean Eyed Cat 2009.12.16

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