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Monday, March 10, 2008

Reid Wilson & His So-Called Friends @ Jovita's

Reid Wilson & His So-Called Friends (myspace) threw down a rather enjoyable set Friday night March 7th at Jovita's in Austin. The So-Called Friends consist of Reid on acoustic guitar and vocals, Josh Vernier on drums, Jason Daly on lead acoustic guitar, Lew Card on mandolin and electric guitar and Kevin Fox on the upright bass.

Their music is country but not what you hear on the radio. Let's call it classic or insurgent country, especially on tracks like 'Country Music Revolution'. Reid's cover of Butch Hancock's 'West Texas Waltz' does great justice to a song and an artist who don't get their dues. Have a listen for yourself.

Note: the hum in the recording goes away right before they start 'West Texas Waltz'.

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