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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rendering All Other Bands Obsolete: The Supersuckers

If you like good old rock and roll and you like some country thrown in for good measure, you probably like the Supersuckers (site, myspace) - the self-proclaimed greatest rock and roll band in the world. On special occasions, they'll throw together the Big Show which is a chunk of their rock set and a chunk of their country set. There are several excellent sounding recordings on One of my favorites is this show from October 1, 2004 in Denver at the Bluebird Theater. From country classics like Cash's "Mean Eyed Cat" and the Rev's "Liquor Beer & Wine" to Supersuckers favorites like "Pretty Fucked Up" and "Rock And Roll Records", the Supersuckers tear it up at the foot of the Rockies for 2+ hours on this fantastic show and equally excellent recording.

I particularly enjoy how they jump so seemlessly from one genre to the other without skipping a beat. Jordan Shapiro sits in on this set playing pedal steel. Jim Dalton and Tyson Murray from the Railbenders show up later in the set to accompany Eddie Spaghetti and crew on "Sweet Caroline" and "OD'd In Denver".

If you get the chance, check out the Supersuckers live. Rock and roll or country, They won't disappoint.

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