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Friday, February 29, 2008

Corb Lund, Roger Marin & Romi Mayes Song Swap

This was a really enjoyable little song swap from Hayes Carll's Stingaree Music Festival last year. This song swap features Corb Lund (site, myspace), Roger Marin (site, myspace) and Romi Mayes (site, myspace). The most enjoyable thing about this set for me is seeing the early, rough versions of several of Corb Lund's tunes that ended up slightly different on his latest record, Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!. Marin's and Mayes' tunes were also fine on this Sunday morning...

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BL said...

Just ran across your blog. Thanks for the great stuff, especially the introductions to Mark Jungers and Danny Schmidt. We have a big group going to Crystal Beach for Stingaree this year (meeting there from all over). You have earned many beverages from us if you make it there next month. Email me at so we can find you and keep you hydrated during the shows.