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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Horseshoe Ramblin Orchestra @ The Horseshoe Lounge

This was a fun little show from a while back with an mish-mosh of performers from various bands, clans, bars and gangs of Austin. Lots of great covers. Enjoy...

The Horseshoe Rambling Orchestra
The Horseshoe Lounge
Austin, TX
February 10, 2008

Lawrence Glass Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Will Sexton Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Johnny Dango Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Hennessey Bass
Reid Dixon Drums for most of the show, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Ace Harmonica
Lew Card Mandolin, Vocals
Reid Wilson Acoutic Guitar, Vocals
Charlie Faye Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Nathan Mayes Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Pear Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Josh Burnier Drums

Source 1: Soundboard Source 2: SPCMC20->SPSPSB1 Mixer: Presonus Firebox
Lineage: Mac Book Pro->Garageband->AIF->Audition->WAV->FLAC
Recorded & Transferred by Aaron Wevodau (

Set 1 (153:47.32), Set 2 (132:09.17)
These folks all play with other bands.
Support them all.
Buy their records.
Go to their shows.

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