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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tim Hus: Another Great Canadian Artist

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with Austin music but I thought I'd just post a little blurb here about Tim Hus (site, myspace). He's a buddy of Corb Lund (site, myspace) and some would argue that they share a certain commonality in terms of sound. They've collaborated on songwriting and each other's albums in the past but I wanted to focus on Hus' music here.

Tim Hus has three records...2002's Songs Of West Canada, 2004's Huskies And Husqvarnas and 2006's Alberta Crude. Each record has what I would consider to be relatively sparse arrangements that work perfectly with Hus' voice and compositions. After a listen to each record, I am certain they're going to get more play from me in the near future.

My current favorite tracks are "Open Pit Mine", "Dangerous Dave's Tractor Show", "Everybody Likes A Hank Williams Song", "One More Oil Boom" and "Man With A Black Hat". Speaking of a man with a black hat, written for Stompin' Tom Connors (site, myspace), Hus has a great deal of respect for Canadian cowboy luminaries Ian Tyson and Stompin' Tom.

Regardless of who Hus counts among his musical influences, there is a great presence to his music that makes the music instantly palatable and immensely enjoyable.

Also, I wanted to mention that after listening to his cds for a few weeks now, his vocals share a certain Johnny-Cash-ness with Damon Bramblett (myspace).

If you want Hus' collection, you'll have to get it from him at a show somewhere down the road or send him a check.

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